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The Puerto Rico Trench is located on the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The oceanic trench is associated with a complex transition between the Lesser Antilles subduction zone to the south and the major transform faultzone or plate boundary, which extends west between Cuba and Hispaniola through the Cayman Trench to the coast of Central America. The trench is 800 kilometres (497 mi) long and has a maximum depth of 8,648 metres (28,373 ft) or 5.373 miles at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and the deepest point not in the Pacific Ocean.


Main attractions in puerto

Carrillo Puerto, MX

Morning clouds. Warm.

Morning clouds. Warm.

27 °C

81 °F

Humidity 65%
Wind 19Kph


Showers late. Morning clouds. Mild.

26 °C

79 °F


Showers early. Morning clouds. Mild.

26 °C

79 °F


Sunny. Warm.

27 °C

81 °F


Showers early. More sun than clouds. Warm.

28 °C

82 °F


Light showers. More clouds than sun. Mild.

23 °C

73 °F


a few showers. Partly cloudy. Mild.

26 °C

79 °F

General information

Country: Puerto rico

Currency: Us Dollar

Language: Spanish / English 

Airport: Puerto Rico International Airport

Airline: Flamenco Airways

Time Zone: UTC-04:00