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Corporate travelling / Travel Management LITE, is a lightweight version of a Corporate Travel Management solution, generally used by SMEs and growth companies who don't require extensive or bespoke solutions offered by TMCs. The main advantage to a Lite solution is to enhance real-time transparency in travel spending across the company, and provides access to mobile and web apps needed to book and manage a company's travel. This allows business travellers, assistants, and travel managers to book more efficiently, and have faster access to support, than were they to use different leisure booking sites or offline travel agents.

Though travel management programs vary from company to company, most normally include:

  • Travel Policy - a guideline that communicates to travellers which travel options the company considers to be acceptable.

  • Reporting and Analysis - collecting and summarizing traveller booking data to understand both how travellers spend the company’s money, and the effectiveness of the company’s travel policy.

  • Preferred rates - usually a direct agreement between a company and a travel provider (like an airline or hotel chain) for a specific discount based on volume or frequency of travel.


With these components comes a host of advantages for you, which include:

  • As a client of WizaTravel, you will have your own dedicated travel expert to save you time and be there should things go wrong. You will always receive local, personalised service 24/7 with no call centres.
  • Corporate Traveller will never bind you to a contract, unless you would like one. Walk away at any time if you are unsatisfied.
  • We will answer the phone within 4 rings, acknowledge an email within 30 minutes, provide a full quotation within 3 hours, always give you 3 options and be available 24/7.

  • Our global negotiating strength, unique product and airfare expertise will deliver real savings to your bottom line.

  • Access to a global travel network backed by the Flight Centre Travel Group

Plus, the buying power that comes from our significant economies of scale gives us the ability to negotiate the best deals available on your behalf, whilst you enjoy one of the most favourable incentive payout structures.

Our Corporate traveling services includes: