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Who are we?

WizaTravel is a travel agency based in the Highveld region of Mpumalanga Southern Africa. It was established in 2016 and the agency is a member of the country’s largest agency brand Seekers Tourvest. This ensures that our clients have the best possible travel value, given that the group is able to negotiate the possible rates with all the major airlines, hotels, and car hire companies globally.

How it started?

 “It has always been my dream to start a unique and value adding company that will make people life effortless and save time at the same time” says  BJ Ntuli the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for WizaTravel.  BJ Ntuli started working as an Educator for 15 years teaching Accounting and Economics, she also worked as Chief Financial Officer for Housing Association. Later when she started to frequently travel around the world she identified a gap or challenge particularly in making booking such as Flights Accommodations, Car Hire and Transfers. She then realized the need for both OnlineTravel agency andTravel Management agency, and that is how WizaTravel was born although the journey was not just a walk in park there were some challenges but they manage to overcome them.

Going forward

Preparing for her new chapter in her journey BJ Ntuli further studied for National & International booking for travel agent and completed her BSP with International Air Transport Associate. We at WizaTravel promise that through our state of the art online booking system and our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals driven by passion, dedication and perceptiveness will by all means make your travel a smooth, effortless, timesaving and hassle free experience,as it operate globaly.

Special thanks

From  BJ Ntuli the Co-founder & CEO for WizaTravel “special thanks go to my family,staff, clients and stakeholders for making this journey of my dream a reality. Thou the dream doesn’t just ends here, from now going forward the dream is to be consistent by keeping the company sustainable, profitable and of course favourable.”What drives B.J Ntuli  everyday  in the travel and tourism industry, It is the fact that im working my passion and the compassion to keep my staff employed and successfull.


WizaTravel empower people to experience the world, we follow the vision to become the most reliable travelling solution provided across the Globe.


Through our unique, less expensive and more efficient booking system which brings overall value to customers journey and ensure constant customer satisfaction and excellent experience with our trustworthy travelling network. It is our mission to offer good customer service through knowledge of our product, experience and being able to help customers make the best choices for themself.Wiza travell envisage to have more branches and affilliates.


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