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Book holidays to the Caribbean, an ideal Cruise & Stay and Multi-Centre Holiday destination. The Caribbean has over 50 islands which are highly geared towards delivering the perfect holiday destination and as such finding one to suit you shouldn’t prove too difficult. Many of the islands, such as the Bahamas, Barbados  and the Cayman Islands, are relatively flat with superb sandy beaches whilst others, such as Cuba, Jamaica and St. Lucia, are mountainous with tropical climates and lush green vegetation. The majority of the Caribbean Islands have wonderful and exotic bird and mammal life too.

Barbados Holidays are amongst the most popular amongst UK tourists, largely due to direct flights and a diverse and exciting hotel and restaurant scene. St. Lucia, Antigua and Tobago are also very popular again with direct flights, stunning beaches and a choice of hotels that cater for everyone’s needs and wishes. The Dominican Republic is one of the more affordable Caribbean Islands and has a good reputation for quality all-inclusive resorts. The Bahamas are extremely popular for those interested in diving and water-sports and Jamaica is renowned for its lively music and party scene. Call us on our freephone number for advice and to book your single, twin or multi-centre holiday to the Caribbean, or enquire now here.

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