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Lima (Peru)

Lima is the capital of Peru and its largest city. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, the modern city is a curious mix of the modern mega city with some 'islands of modernity', large but orderly slum areas and colonial architecture in the city center. Lima was the seat of the Spanish rule during 300 years, and as such it has wonderful churches, cloisters and monasteries that are worth a visit.

Lima is also the best place to try the wonderful Peruvian cuisine, which has a huge variety of ingredients from coast, mountain and Amazon regions. The cold sea current in front of Peru's large coast makes the sea very rich in fish and seafood, which have a great taste due to the special plankton they eat. Fish and seafood restaurants are therefore worth the time, and not expensive.

Lima is built upon a valley surrounded by an extremely arid desert. In the summer, the weather is usually beautiful, very warm and sunny, sometimes with rains around January. In the winter, the city is overcast and rainy for days at a time. The rain in the wintertime doesn't fall hard, but it gets everything wet. Temperature also falls to around 7-12 C⁰ (45-55⁰ F), which seems chillier when combined with the general dampness.


Main attractions in Lima

Lima, NY, US

Cloudy. Mild.

Cloudy. Mild.

23 °C

73 °F

Humidity 63%
Wind 11Kph


Showers late. Cloudy. Mild.

25 °C

77 °F


Rain. Overcast. Cool.

19 °C

66 °F


Decreasing cloudiness. Cool.

21 °C

70 °F


Passing clouds. Mild.

23 °C

73 °F


Thundershowers. Increasing cloudiness. Mild.

27 °C

81 °F


Isolated tstorms late. Overcast. Warm.

29 °C

84 °F

General information

Country: Peru

Currency: South African Rand

Language: Spinash

Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport

Airline: South African Airways

Time Zone: UTC-05